Welcome to the web site of European Go Confederacy! The EGF is a non-profit-making arrangement with the aim of promoting, regulation, organizing, and disseminating the gaming of Go in Europe. Membership is open to the Go devising body ina every country in or about to European Community. As of 2012 there are thirty-six members and the amount stays on growing. Every year the AGM (annual general meeting) is held, along with the European Go Confederacy, in one of the member nations. Amidst other industry, an executive director commission is elected for executing general activities between annual general meetings. Under Executive commission supervising there’s a number of commissions. Every commissioning is managed by executive director committee member and is responsible for accumulating and analyzing cases and propositions from their industry and submitting their decisions for the approval of the executive director. A functionary European evaluation listing is defended by the European Go Database by serving the consequences of as a lot of European tournaments as potential. A surrender from the EGF should be sent graphic to the secretarial assistant. Any prominent debts should be paid in complete prior to that could take effect. Till they’re, the crucial administration shall be termed “in nonpayment” and can’t be readmitted till past debts are cleared up. Any administration which hasn’t paid the membership fee for 3 years should be referred to the annual general meeting that by a two-thirds absolute majority shall determine whether it should be believed “in nonremittal”. If a member country has harmed the repute or the concerns of the EGF, or has broken the condition or fairness essential for the right working of the EGF, or has allowed that to happen, that can be adverted to the annual general meeting, which by a two-thirds absolute majority vote can expel it or take additional advantageous action. If a member doesn’t meet the disorders as referred in article forty-two anymore, it could be believed as bringing out the discipline or blondness necessary for the right working of the EGF. Advantageous action may be interruption of membership.

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