Learn more about XML

XML is an abbreviation for Extensible Markup Language. This web programming language is also a markup language like HTML. But there’s a difference between HTML and XML.

The purpose of HTML is to control the design of data and how it appears on the computer screen.

The purpose of XML is to describe the data itself.

However, XML is playing an essential role in today’s web programming. As soon as you are starting to develop a more complex web application which has to deal with a lot of data like an online store, you will get in touch with the Extensible Markup Language.

It goes without saying that we also cover this aspect of web development in the European Go program.

The resource, we want to recommend our participants in this field is the XMLTwig.com, which is operated and maintained by Michel Rodriguez.

Michel is the go-to guy when it comes to XML development. On his website, he is sharing very valuable content as well as tutorials on how to get the best results with using XML.

So make sure to visit XMLTwig.com soon and add it to your bookmarks.

Recommended Resource for Webdesign and SEO

When you to use the Internet to get more exposure and to grow your business successfully, you need to know at least the basics about web design and search engine optimization.

The importance of web design

The most important question we have to ask ourselves when it comes to web design is: “What is a good web design?”

But, the answer might not be what you are expecting. When it comes to web design, it is always a personal preference whether you like it or not. The saying is that when you discuss the web design with a team of ten people you will probably get eleven opinions.

It is very important to understand that great web design always reflects what your visitors like. Get your site up and running with a design that you think would work with your target audience. Once you got enough visitors on your site take a look at the time they spent on your site. The longer they stay on your site, the better it is. A great company that is specializing in  Webdesign Regensburg and in this particular field is located in Germany.

And this brings us to the next important piece of the puzzle: Traffic.

SEO is essential for every website

Search engine optimization is the best way to drive highly targeted visitors to your website. There is no way to get people to your website that are more interested in your products or services than with SEO.

Drive highly targeted visitors to your site with SEO

It is much more likely that a visitor will become a customer or client when he was looking for your products or services on a search engine rather than clicking on an ad somewhere on the Internet.

Just keep in mind for now that search engine users are the most targeted visitors you can drive to your website.

Of course, we are also working with a specialist in the web design and SEO field. Her name is Laura Hackney, and she is running a web design and SEO agency in California. You can find her web design & SEO blog at www.coinheist.com.

Creating Websites With Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is a great tool to create animated and interactive content. Using Flash you can create stunning and really awesome looking online content. Sometimes Flash is only used to create the menu of a website or an animation. In other cases, the whole website is based on Flash.

Adobe Flash Programming & Development

However, even when Flash is pretty powerful and allows to create an awesome user experience, it’s not always a good idea to use Flash.

It speaks for itself that we are covering Flash in the European Online Business Initiative program. Since we consider Flash to be a pretty important piece of the online marketing puzzle, we provide a lot of information and training regarding this tool.

The Flash expert we are working with is William Smith. Will has a very impressive track record in Flash development, he has already created hundreds of websites using Flash and he is the go-to expert in this field.

In addition to providing professional website creation services, he also runs a Flash blog where he shares his huge knowledge.

We highly recommend visiting his blog, bookmarking it and subscribing to his newsletter.

What is Flash?

Flash is a multimedia software platform which was created by a company named Macromedia. In December 2005, Macromedia was acquired by its competitor Adobe.

The platform is used to create graphics, games and rich Internet applications. To view Flash in their browser users need to have the Adobe Flash Player installed on their computer.

Adobe Flash works with every browser and all the major operating systems such as Windows, iOS and Linux. Flash animations are programmed using a programming language called ActionScript, which is an object-oriented programming language.

To benefit from Flash, it is not necessary to learn how to program ActionScript yourself. You can also hire a programmer to get the job done. But it is important to know what Flash can do for you and when you should use it.


European Online Business Initiative

The European parliament has decided to support online businesses and e-commerce companies in the European Union.

Companies from every member state of the European Union can benefit from this program that not only provides financial aid for internet companies.

This online initiative also provides important knowledge that is necessary to make a business successful on the Internet. A whole team of web design experts, SEO specialists, web hosting professionals and highly skilled people from other areas contribute to this program.

The European Online Business Initiative

european-go.org is not only a website to showcase this program. It is going to be the central hub, where you can find all the information and knowledge provided by the Internet experts on the team.

Who can benefit from the European Online Business Initiative?

Every owner who wants to grow his business online can participate and sign up for this online marketing program.

However, there are certain requirements you have to meet in order to qualify for financial aid. You can find a list of all these requirements on this website in the near future. So make sure to add this page to your bookmarks and come back on a regular basis in order not to miss any important details regarding this program.

Who should participate?

Most business owners are well aware that they have to have a website to survive in today’s competitive business environment. Unfortunately, that’s not enough, and a lot of business owners are surprised when a newly designed website doesn’t generate any additional sales.

Even a web designer can’t usually help with this issue. Finally, the job of a web designer only is to create a good looking site which guarantees a great user experience.

This very problem is exactly where this program will help you. It will teach you how to take it from there and how to grow your business successfully on the Internet.

You will find a lot of valuable resources, tools and strategies that are essential for running a successful online business.

The goal of this program

The goal of the European Online Business Initiative is to make Europe the number one when it comes to e-commerce and online business.

But it’s more than that. The EU want’s to empower small business owners and start-up companies in order to create new employment opportunities in the Internet field all across Europe.

We need more web designers, SEO experts, paid traffic consultants as well as holistic online marketing professionals.