Learn more about XML

XML is an abbreviation for Extensible Markup Language. This web programming language is also a markup language like HTML. But there’s a difference between HTML and XML.

The purpose of HTML is to control the design of data and how it appears on the computer screen.

The purpose of XML is to describe the data itself.

However, XML is playing an essential role in today’s web programming. As soon as you are starting to develop a more complex web application which has to deal with a lot of data like an online store, you will get in touch with the Extensible Markup Language.

It goes without saying that we also cover this aspect of web development in the European Go program.

The resource, we want to recommend our participants in this field is the XMLTwig.com, which is operated and maintained by Michel Rodriguez.

Michel is the go-to guy when it comes to XML development. On his website, he is sharing very valuable content as well as tutorials on how to get the best results with using XML.

So make sure to visit XMLTwig.com soon and add it to your bookmarks.